Welcome to Plano Birthplace!



Imagine meeting your baby for the first time in a calm, peaceful place surrounded by love and support. Every face is familiar, every person is someone who knows you deeply and supports your choices for your birth.

Imagine well woman care in a spa-like environment with a provider who spends the time with you that you need to feel confident and empowered about your health.

Your imagination becomes reality when you choose midwifery care at Plano Birthplace with Jeannine Tate, MSN, RN, CNM.


At Plano Birthplace, our goals are

  • to create a safe space for women and families that fosters a natural, undisturbed birth process.
  • through the use of a midwifery care model centered on supportive relationships and continuity of care, provide the best evidence based care possible.
  • to achieve optimal health outcomes through the use of collaboration and shared decision making.
  • to provide midwifery care that is compassionate, safe, and evidence based.

Are you ready to learn more?

Schedule a one-on-one visit where you will tour the birth center, meet the midwife, and have a chance to ask questions about the birth center experience.