If you were going to recommend Plano Birthplace to your best friend, what would you say?

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This time I found a midwife whose single piece of advice was “you are a strong, empowered woman whose body is capable of birthing your baby. You know and will know what to do and when. Trust yourself. Trust your body.” I left her office and sat in my car and cried. At 30 weeks pregnant, I had finally found someone who believed in me and supported my choice for a natural childbirth. I immediately transferred from the local OBGYN to drive an hour away to Jeannine at Plano Birthplace. 

Cassandra Cardwell

Plano Midwife Birth Center

Place Birthplace was one of the best decisions I ever made and I want you to know that you can do it! No matter how scared you are, with the right preparation and trust, it is possible and even preferable. No pressure, no panicking, no rushing...just you, your baby, and those there to help you meet in the most gentle and calm way.

Michelle Garcia

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To my best friend I would say, you deserve this Mama. Every women deserves this birth experience. To feel empowered, to feel confident and entirely supported by her birth team. To welcome her baby into a beautiful, comfortable and safe space. At Plano Birthplace I was given the unique opportunity to write my own birth story, to take back ownership over my body and the birth I envisioned came to reality. It’s possible here my friend, don’t settle. Your experience matters!

Sarah Ring

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birth birth at plano birthplace

I would highly recommend Plano Birthplace because not only is the facility beautiful, but Jeannine and her team are so encouraging and supportive, making natural birth such a beautiful experience. I am just so thankful to Jeannine for teaching me to trust my body instead of telling me what to do before and during labor. It was so empowering to be able to have the natural birth I’ve dreamed of. I can’t thank her enough!!!

Mindy Crenshaw

If you want a natural, safe, out-of-hospital birth, then you need to consider Plano Birthplace. Jeannine is not only qualified and experienced, she’s the most wonderful, caring, and supportive person! And the birth center itself is immaculate and welcoming...the perfect place to deliver a baby!

Melissa Pearson