If you were going to recommend Plano Birthplace to your best friend, what would you say?


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This time I found a midwife whose single piece of advice was “you are a strong, empowered woman whose body is capable of birthing your baby. You know and will know what to do and when. Trust yourself. Trust your body.” I left her office and sat in my car and cried. At 30 weeks pregnant, I had finally found someone who believed in me and supported my choice for a natural childbirth. I immediately transferred from the local OBGYN to drive an hour away to Jeannine at Plano Birthplace. 

Cassandra Cardwell

Plano Midwife Birth Center

Place Birthplace was one of the best decisions I ever made and I want you to know that you can do it! No matter how scared you are, with the right preparation and trust, it is possible and even preferable. No pressure, no panicking, no rushing...just you, your baby, and those there to help you meet in the most gentle and calm way.

Michelle Garcia


To my best friend I would say, you deserve this Mama. Every women deserves this birth experience. To feel empowered, to feel confident and entirely supported by her birth team. To welcome her baby into a beautiful, comfortable and safe space. At Plano Birthplace I was given the unique opportunity to write my own birth story, to take back ownership over my body and the birth I envisioned came to reality. It’s possible here my friend, don’t settle. Your experience matters!

Sarah Ring

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I would highly recommend Plano Birthplace because not only is the facility beautiful, but Jeannine and her team are so encouraging and supportive, making natural birth such a beautiful experience. I am just so thankful to Jeannine for teaching me to trust my body instead of telling me what to do before and during labor. It was so empowering to be able to have the natural birth I’ve dreamed of. I can’t thank her enough!!!

Mindy Crenshaw


If you want a natural, safe, out-of-hospital birth, then you need to consider Plano Birthplace. Jeannine is not only qualified and experienced, she’s the most wonderful, caring, and supportive person! And the birth center itself is immaculate and welcoming...the perfect place to deliver a baby!

Melissa Pearson


Our midwife, Jeannine, took excellent care of my wife, our healthy baby and myself. Her medical care, attentiveness, and approachability went above and beyond anything we had ever experienced from a medical professional. Jeannine answered our many questions and spoke to evidenced based care in guiding us through decisions. My wife described the facility like giving birth in a spa. The space is super modern, warm, and relaxing. We felt like the place was a tremendous value for our money especially as cash pay clients (hospitals are crazy expensive). If we had to get transferred to a hospital I would rather due it under the care of someone who knew us and our desires. While no birth plan goes exactly as planned Jeannine did her best to accommodate our plan. I was able to catch our baby and cut the cord. They made the whole experience super special. We felt like we had the dream team at the Plano Birthplace. Through Jeannine we found our doula (Stacy Hutchins) and birth photographer (Kathryn Johnson) as well. All worked great as a team on birth-day. There was a calm but very positive energy in the room fostered by our team. After birth, my wife’s placenta did not release in the time expected. Due to concerns over possible complications and possible needed surgery we were transferred to a hospital. Jeannine went with Jessica in the ambulance to the hospital. As an experienced labor and delivery nurse Jeannine was able to advocate for my wife and she got better more effective care because of it. The hospital visit confirmed all the reasons why we never wanted to go to a hospital. Thankfully after much prayer, my wife’s placenta naturally released a couple hours after birth, the whole thing was a freak medical event. Afterwards, Jeannine provided advice on how to reduce our unexpected hospital bill. As the husband and new father, I had a moment of panic wonder about the “what if’s” as my wife left me holding our newborn. Our doula and Jeannine’s birth assistant (another nurse) helped me fumble through dressing our new born and other early care. I joined my wife shortly thereafter at the hospital. We’re convinced we had the best possible care through Plano Birthplace and would definitely want to have any future babies there. -Keith Borg


Birth is a woman’s hero journey. I cannot imagine experiencing labor with any other birth team. The ladies at Plano Birthplace are truly family now. My son had the best possible start in life and that’s thanks to Jeannine, Leslie, and Jill. And my husband. My husband and I spent sometime learning about the birth statistics in US hospitals and decided that while it would possibly be more painful- we wanted a better option. After that we looked at the credentials of local midwives and the best available was Plano Birthplace. Jeannine really knows her stuff but also gives the open minded support that is so helpful to a first time mom like myself. She saw a potential issue as we approached my due date and got out in front of it with natural induction methods. She gave my husband and I the space to really carve out our own unique experience. Jeannine spared me and my family from the hospital birth. And a sweet bonus, she’s picked great women to work with her as well as great specialists to refer out to. She’s put me in front of the best sonographers, chiropractors, circumcision specialists and tongue tie dentists. The team truly let my husband help me trough the stages and we accomplished a lot thanks to their help. Leslie and Jill are so great too. Leslie put the pressure on for me the push in those final hours as well as let me squeeze her hand through afterbirth. I needed that. Jill is a great unsung hero of Plano Birthplace, she really keeps everything on track and does so much support work at birth time all while adding another great personality to have in the room. My husband has the bragging rights amongst his friends that his wife birthed like a trooper and it makes me so proud. I couldn’t have done this alone. I’m glad you didn’t let me give up on myself or the process! We will be back for our next and wouldn’t trust anyone else to help us on our next family journey!! -Tiffany Leeds


 I am proud to be a first time mom and handle labor and birth as well as I did. As a fist time mom you don’t know what to expect and labor is hard but making it through each contraction and catching my own baby will be an experience I will never forget. Prenatal care, labor, birth, and post partum at Plano Birthplace was a dream. Jeannine was always available for any questions day or night throughout the whole thing. I would 100% recommended her to everyone. -Catherine Bright


 I have had three births, and this was the one that I felt like I actually did it. Nobody told me what to do, nobody bossed me around or tried to direct my support team in a way that was not conducive to helping me. I told Jeannine and her team what was happening, and when it was time. It was the most empowering experience I've had to date in my life. Jeannine is amazing, simple as that. Her skill is superb, but her intuition and desire to not intrude unless necessary is what stuck out to me in the middle of labor. She was so respectful at all times, and I really felt a motherly presence. I had been through so much stress during my pregnancy and she was with me, every step of the way, even when she could have referred me out to another practitioner for unrelated circumstances. I still tear up thinking about how supportive she was and how she would just listen while I vented, even if she was dog tired from a birth, which I feel bad about. She is the one you want, if you want hands off, support, and great skill in a midwife. Her practice is beautiful, but I trust her so much that I would have chosen her even if she was working from a garage haha! -Christen Ackles-Craver

Picture by:  KEDocumentary

Picture by: KEDocumentary

I did it! And did it without completely losing my mind. I think it helped that my labor was so fast, I didn't really have time to think about what was happening or the pain I was just focused on the now and not thinking how long is this going to take.  Run, don't walk, to Plano Birthplace! Seriously, she fills up fast and you don't want to miss out on a birth experience there. The birth center is beautiful and Jeannine is an amazing midwife! She just has this amazing presence that makes you feel so calm while also making you feel like you're a total badass. Lol. -Melissa Ritchie