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Postpartum Ease: Education Emotions Energy


Congratulations! You just had a what?

Join other new mothers and mothers-to-be at Plano Birthplace to have discussions following some of the most pressing topics for the immediate Postpartum period. The class is taught by Christen Joy, owner/operator of Peace Love & Pregnancy, a birth business that hosts Pregnancy Retreats, Relationship- centered Prenatal Classes, and provides Postpartum wellness services for new mothers.

Topics Include:

  •   Newborn Care: breastfeeding in the early days, checking for lip and tongue ties, diapers, burping, safe sleep, co-sleeping, why NOT to bathe right after birth.

  •   Communication with Baby: Hunger cues, full stomach, gas pains, soothing, shifting mindset away from worry of baby to knowledge of baby, language and bonding.

  •   Mother’s Recovery: Effect of labor and environment, extreme self-care, being proactive before hormone drop, changing obligations away from societal standards.

  •   Mother’s Emotions: “Cinderella syndrome”- the after-birth letdown, changing emotions, feelings towards motherhood, grieving your previous life, preparing to step into motherhood with confidence.

  •   Mother’s Energy: Exploring situations and feelings about parenthood, exploring expectations of motherhood and societal views of mothers, using affirmations and meditations to raise your awareness surrounding motherhood and parenting.

  •   A Guided Meditation to send you out on your Birth Journey feeling empowered and centered! Fee: $25

    To register for the class:
    Facebook: Peace Love & Pregnancy or email:

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