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Informed Childbirth - Empowering Parents from the Start by Briana Blake

  • Plano Birthplace 5172 Village Creek Drive, Suite 101 Plano, TX, 75093 United States (map)

Informed Childbirth - Empowering Parents from the Start with Briana Blake

All families are welcome, even those who are not clients of Plano Birthplace. These classes are scheduled for the first, second, and third Sunday of each month from 1:30-3: 30 pm.  For clients of Plano Birthplace, this childbirth class cost is included in your all-inclusive plan and will meet the childbirth education requirement for first-time families.

Next session of classes begins July 1st, reserve your spot now!

Please Contact Briana Blake at or (817) 253-7990 to enroll in the classes.

  • Class I: Intro to Childbirth: The Physiology of Pregnancy and Birth

    Class II: Labor, Part I: Understanding the Stages of Labor and the Role of Your Support Person

    Class III: Labor, Part II: Understanding the Stages of Labor (cont) and Writing a Birth Plan

    Class IV: Variations and Complications: Identifying Your Priorities and What to Expect in the Unexpected

    Class V: Advanced Labor Techniques and The Importance of Informed


    Class VI: The Postpartum Period: Breastfeeding, Baby, and Beyond

    Hello! I'm so excited you're considering taking a childbirth course, and I look forward to speaking with you if you have any questions. I have two children - one adopted and one biological. I taught high school for nearly a decade and have taught childbirth classes in Waco, Arlington, and now Plano. After the birth of my daughter, I sought to become a childbirth educator because I felt so empowered by the education I received and the experience I had, that I hoped to have the opportunity to pass that empowerment on to many women and families. Please contact me with any questions you have. I hope to meet you soon!

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