Midwifery Care in Plano

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In 2016, there were no midwife-owned birth centers in Plano, Texas.  Although there are other birth centers and midwives in neighboring communities, Jeannine Tate saw a gap in women's healthcare in Plano and set out to create change.

Located near the intersection of the George Bush Tollway and Preston Road, Plano Birthplace is in the heart of Plano and no more than twenty minutes from the neighboring communities of Carrollton, Frisco, Richardson, North Dallas, and Coppell.

Wondering what care a midwife can provide?  A Certified Nurse Midwife or CNM can provide the entire spectrum of women's healthcare from menarche to menopause, including following the course of normal birth.  CNMs can see women for their routine gynecological visits, including annual well-woman care and referrals for mammography.

What makes a midwife different?  Midwives follow the entire course of a woman's life, and because they come from a nursing background, they understand that building relationships with clients takes patience and time.  To a midwife, you're never just a number on a chart.  A nurse-midwife wants to know you, your family, your hopes, your dreams, and to provide healthcare that aligns with your values and the most current evidence.

Jeannine has built Plano Birthplace from the ground up; she and her team of midwives helped pour the strong cement foundation, knock down walls, and build them back up again to create a beautiful, modern birth center in Plano.  Plano Birthplace is more than a birth center - it's a place for all women to receive compassionate healthcare in a boutique setting.

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