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My first birth experience at the hospital was extremely difficult. I was uncomfortable because the staff had their own idea of what I should be doing during contractions and I didn't get to have my OB there; I had an on-call one instead. 

With my second labor, it was the complete opposite. Jeannine, the midwife I had seen from the beginning, was present, and she and her whole team put my comfort first. It helped to know that everyone there was on the same page and actually cared about what my birth plan looked like. It helped me get through my contractions better, and it helped me feel more relaxed throughout the whole process.

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I also loved that Jeannine suggested I come in earlier than I was going to because deep inside I felt like I should but struggled thinking I might inconvenience everyone if it ends up being a long labor. Well, good thing she encouraged me too because I ended up having my baby 2 hours after walking into the birthing center!

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There were complications such as post-partum hemorrhaging and my baby's umbilical cord snapping right when he came out, but Jeannine and her team were so professional, prompt, and calm throughout the whole process so it helped me be able to get through it much calmer and feel confident that they knew what they were doing. The end result was a healthy mama and healthy baby and I couldn't have been more pleased with my experience!

Thank you SO much Jeannine and Plano Birthplace for giving me the birth experience I so desired but wasn't able to have with my first one. What you've done for me and my family is priceless!

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