Happy Mother's Day

To All Our Plano Birthplace Mother's

Safe and Supported, She Triumphed. A tribute to the women that have birthed with PBP. Though each birth story is different- they all have one thing in common- they all birthed strong, empowered and like a BOSS!  

You go by so many names: Mother, Mom, Momma, Ma, Mum, Mama, Mutter

You have so many jobs: Alarm Clock, Cook, Teacher, Driver, Personal Assistant, House Cleaner, Doctor, Counselor To name a few.

Your days are filled with so many emotions: Happiness, Tired, Stressed, Uncontrollable laughter, Boredom, Silliness, Angry, Sadness, Wonder, Overwhelmed

  • Your days a collection of kisses, hugs, tears, and messes
  • Your days so long and the years so short You are the one that says good morning and the one that says good night.
  • You are the one that works the night shift and comes home to 'mom it' during the day.
  • You are the one they call when they are sick and just need their momma, even after they are out of your house.
  • You are the one that writes little notes on lunch napkins and can juggle the calendar of #allthethings
  • You are the one they yell “momma look” 50 times a day
  • You are the one that will love them no less, even when they are no longer on this earth.
  • You are their biggest cheerleader
  • You are making memories that they will carry throughout life

But above all, You are making a difference You are the one your child will look to when they have questions about the world. You are the one raising the next generation and you are the one that when they are a mom or dad of their own will still turn to you for guidance.

To the Mom’s of Angels, we see you. We stand with you. We remember them.

To the Mommy’s with Babies, it won’t always be sleepless nights, boring days, and tons of shirt changes.

To the Mum’s of Toddlers, it won’t be goldfish on the floors and messy fingerprints forever.

To Ma’s of Pre-teens know that time is so important, your doing a great job and they are soaking up way more then they will admit.

To the Mama’s of a Senior this year. Hugs. I promise they will still need you.

To the Village Mother’s, thank you. For you have taught more children, loved more children and changed more lives then you will ever know.

To the Mummy’s that just became a Grandmom. Your child will understand you so much more now.

To those that do not have their Momma's this year, you know more than anyone how much of a hole there is.  We hold space for you.

So many Mothers. So many hats to wear and life lessons to teach. So many different stages of life. So many struggles and triumphs.


Happy Mother’s Day.