Want the BEST birth team? Add a Doula!

One of the most important decisions an expectant mother and her partner can make is the members of the birth team surrounding them. Here at Plano Birthplace we encourage our clients to explore their options and learn about the different service professionals they can involve in the birth process.

For example, doulas are an invaluable resource to help support you during the perinatal period including your birth. Your doula can help you learn about the different birth options you might have, can help you lay out your birth plan, and help you stay on track during the birth. During labor and birth, a doula provides continuous physical, emotional, and informational support.  Overall, continuous support during labor and birth is linked to overall higher maternal satisfaction. Women that have continuous support from a doula often report feeling empowered with a sense of pride after the birth of their child.  Midwives and doulas work together to make sure a mother and her partner are supported throughout labor and birth.  Research has shown that when women birth in a safe space, with continuous supportive care they are most likely to have a uncomplicated spontaneous vaginal birth, and less likely to need epidurals or pain medicines. Doulas can also provide postpartum services, and there is some research that links  doula support to less postpartum depression.  Bottom line:  The evidence proves that continuous support by a doula is linked to many positive outcomes.  We, at Plano Birthplace, value doulas and feel they should be a part of every birth team.  We offer discounts to first time mom's that have doula support.   It's just that important.   Women deserve to be supported and empowered.   

You can read more about doulas in this blog article: NORTH DALLAS DOULA ASSOCIATES – BEST DOULAS IN DALLAS. The blog is part of Dallas Newborn Photographer Laura Levitan of Mod L Photography's blog series featuring business owners who provide services to families with young children in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area. Featured in the article is North Dallas Doula Associates voted the best Doulas in Dallas by Dallas Child Magazine in 2017. We hope you read and enjoy the article.

Remember, we are here to support and encourage you throughout this amazing time in your life. Bringing a new life into the world is a sacred event. At Plano Birthplace we want to build the best possible birth experience around you with a team of supportive providers to help you every step of the way.