Plano Birthplace - February 2019 Babies

We want to start celebrating our Plano Birthplace Babies each month, today we are excited to introduce you to our PBP babies of February!

In the month of February we had 2 baby boys born . This is one of their stories.

This week we welcomed a sweet little boy. Born to a first time mom & dad, his parents travelled all the way from the country (over an hour away) for all their prenatal visits, & to labor and to birth. (With 80’s music playing as she labored & birthed: The whole birth team had to concentrate on not singing the songs out loud 😂). It was such a great relaxed environment-perfect for birth! It was so sweet to hear dad encouraging and cheering his wife on as he saw his son being born. 

Happy First Birthday!!!

February 24th - Please join us in wishing a Happy 1st Birthday 🎁 to this sweet Plano Birthplace baby! Happy 1st birthday Anne! & happy “Birthing” day to her rock star mom.