Eating Fish While Pregnant: Guidance from the FDA

There are so many misconceptions about what's safe to eat during pregnancy, and it seems every year, there's something new pregnant women are being told not to eat.  

Recently, the Food & Drug Administration came out with guidance about eating fish while pregnant.  We know that fish can be a high-quality source of protein, as well as way to get some of the healthy omega-3 fatty acids that play a key role in neurological development in the development of a baby's brain before it is born.  However, there can be concern about mercury and methylmercury, as it can cause negative effects to the baby.  

Below is a copy of the FDA's quick reference chart showing the types of fish that are safest to eat, and the appropriate serving sizes.  In case you'd like to read about the findings in more detail, here's a link directly to the article : Advice For Pregnant Women and Parents on Eating Fish.

The midwives at Plano Birthplace want you to have a happy, healthy pregnancy full of delicious things to eat!  If you have questions about what's safe to eat during pregnancy or the best way to have balanced nutrition during pregnancy, schedule an appointment with one of our midwives to discuss your personalized plan.