Adrienne Jones, MSN, RN, CNM


Plano Birthplace Adrienne Jones CNM


    Adrienne was born and raised in Dallas. She has always had a desire to work within her
community, educating and empowering women and their families. Adrienne obtained a
Bachelor’s of Science from Stephen F. Austin State University, a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Texas Women’s University, and a Master’s of Science in Nursing- Nurse-Midwifery from Frontier Nursing University. While in nursing school Adrienne’s Labor & Delivery curriculum was taught by Certified Nurse-Midwives. This education in respectful evidence-based care ignited a flame in her heart that grew into her passion today.

    Adrienne began working in the Emergency Department (ED) at Texas Health
Presbyterian Dallas while in nursing school. She loved every minute of the 10 years she worked in the ED. She enjoyed each unique situation that was presented to her seeing it as an
opportunity to be compassionate while honing her skills. After delivering her first child, Ruby, she also began to work as a nurse at the birth center where Ruby was born. It was her amazing birth experience that led her to begin pursuing midwifery school. While pregnant with her second child, Sebastian, working in the ED and at the birth center, Adrienne was accepted to Frontier Nursing University, the oldest continually operating nurse-midwifery program in the United States. As she progressed through school she dreamed of her career in midwifery and all of the ways she would be able to engage and support her community.

    Adrienne has experience caring for women in both the birth center setting as well as the
hospital setting. She believes that every woman deserves the midwifery model of care regardless of where they desire to give birth. Adrienne works to create an intimate, encouraging, and peaceful birth environment wherever the setting happens to be. One of Adrienne’s greatest joys is nurturing families as they grow. She enjoys empowering women and their families by helping the community develop positive attitudes about health, wellness, pregnancy, and childbirth.